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Who Should Enroll

The Harvard Model Congress Intermediate Course is designed for students who have had prior experience with Model United Nations or Model Congress and wish to receive further training to improve upon their public speaking, position paper and resolution writing skills. Classes will be conducted live online with 4-8 students so each student will receive direct feedback from the instructor. Students will also get to meet others who are equally passionate about international and political issues, as well as public speaking.

What You Learn

Upon completion of this course, students will learn to:
  1. Display effective command of parliamentary procedure
  2. Convincingly simulate a role assignment in a mock committee
  3. Advocate for his/her views on a topic of global policymaking concern by convincing other students of the merits of his or her ideas
  4. Persuasively explain the merits and drawbacks of a particular policy proposal to a topic of global policymaking concern


This course will be taught by Neil Alacha, Co-President of Harvard Model Congress and Captain Emeritus of the Harvard Mock Trial. With extensive experience leading Model Congress conferences across Boston, San Francisco, Madrid, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Sao Paulo, Neil had chaired over 20 committee sessions including committees of the International Monetary Fund, International Criminal Court, U.N. Security Council, U.S. National Economic Council, U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, and U.S. House Financial Services Committee. In addition, Neil was responsible for designing programmatic content for 20 committees, editing issue briefings for 40 committees, and training Harvard staff of over 150. He looks forward to sharing his passion for Model UN/Model Congress with students in Hong Kong!

Course Schedule

Nov 17 (Tue), Nov 19 (Thu), Nov 24 (Tue), Nov 26 (Thu), 8:00-9:30pm HKT

Course Fee

HK$3,600 for 6 hours (HK$600/hour only)

Registration & Payment Deadline

Nov 13, 2015 (Fri)

Lesson Content Assignment
Nov 17 (Tue) Lesson 1: Parliamentary Procedure
  1. The Timeline of Committee
  2. Discussion of Committee topic
  3. Discussion with each student on country role assigned
  4. Structuring a Resolution
Pre: Read briefing paper on “Microfinance.” Students should be prepared to articulate both their own view and that of their country role regarding the topic.
Nov 19 (Thu) Lesson 2: Starting Committee
  1. Presentation of Position Papers
  2. Unmoderated Caucus (discuss proposal)
  3. Moderated Caucus (address committee)
  4. Discussion/Reflection of Effectiveness of Caucuses
Pre: Write a 2-3 minute position paper on the topic
Nov 24 (Tue) Lesson 3: Resolution Writing
  1. Unmoderated Caucus II (Resolution Writing)
  2. Resolution Reading
  3. Debate/Amendments
  4. Passage and Reflection
Pre: Brainstorm what to include in a resolution on the topic

Aim to have at least 2 different resolutions written during lesson 3
Nov 26 (Thu) Lesson 4: Advocating for or Against the Work of Your Committee
  1. Presentation of Speeches
  2. Convincing Others
  3. Convincing Yourself
  4. Final Remarks
Pre: Write a 3 minute speech explaining either why the resolution is important and will be effective, or why you believe it is inadequate

Course is Full

Course is full. Please complete registration form to receive up-to-date info on future offerings.

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About Harvard Model Congress Asia

Harvard Model Congress Asia (HMCA) is the premium government simulation conference run by Harvard students who are passionate about international relations, government, and public speaking. HMCA simulates the real government wherein delegates assume the role of a real life member of government or a representative of a country in an international organization. The conference teaches students about government and international relations by providing insights into pressing global issues and by offering a forum to discuss possible solutions. Participating students will have the opportunity to work with Harvard University student mentors, interact with top students from other high schools across Asia and meet Harvard College scholars. Over the three-day event, conference delegates develop leadership as well as diplomatic, public speaking and negotiation skills. The 12th Harvard Model Congress Asia will be held on January 7-10, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.

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