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Advancing students’ interests and skills in core academic subjects, as well as offering first-hand help on SATs, ACTs and college admission essays

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IvyLesson works with students of all ages looking to hone their skills in core academic subjects including English, Math and Science, as well as students ages 14-18 looking to apply to colleges in the U.S. seeking additional help with SAT, ACT and/or college essays. If you’re interested in receiving help on a subject that’s not listed below, please feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be happy to arrange lessons tailored to your individual needs.


Want to improve your math skills? Learn additional topics outside of class? Or just need help with your math homework? IvyLesson's math tutors can address all your needs. These one-to-one tutoring sessions are designed such that your tutor can help build your math skills by honing in on your specific needs. By giving you personal attention devoted to strengthening your skills to share study tips that helped them, your tutor will aim to help you improve your performance in and outside of class. Each session will aim to make math fun and interesting, while helping you feel more confident!

For example, your tutor can work with you on the following: